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Interesting workshops for series


Looking for a workshop for series? Here is a list of some interesting ones!

Advanced training programme for European scriptwriter, director and producer with a TV series project at an early stage of development. SeriesLab aims at developing innovative and high-profile international TV series projects through 3 residential workshops.

This immersive week-long writing workshop will gather 19 emerging TV drama writers from around the world who have had at least one professional experience on a broadcast TV/digital series, short or feature film broadcast.

At the Creative Bazaar, the participants will have the opportunity to take part to the Creative Bazaar through workshops and masterclasses in the presence of experienced professionals who will serve and support them as mentors in the development of their projects.

The Series Lab Hamburg is a development and co-production event that brings together twenty European producers with a television drama series in development and who are looking for international partners.

Four renowned international script experts work closely with the teams on their projects. In addition, the Series Lab offers one-on-one conversations with more than 20 European financiers, from commissioning editors to international sales agents.

One of the projects has the chance to receive the 'Albatross', a prize of 7,500 euros, donated by the German broadcaster NDR. T.O. WebFest

The annual T.O. WebFest supports, connects, promotes and celebrates independent content creators from Canada and around the world. T.O. WebFest is a multi-day festival offering engaging panels and workshops, special events, awards, public web series screenings, and more!


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