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1h30  Animated feature film & series Dutch  |  Written
& directed by Dimitri & Kristoff Leue

A contemporary fairytale with kings, goodies, baddies, young heroes and nature. The 13-year-old Robin lives in a world where nature is taboo. Plants are dirty, butterflies are dangerous and the forest is strictly forbidden. The reign of King Ferdinand and his Office for Nature Control (the BNC) keeps people and nature at a safe distance from each other. One day Robin's mother Marjolein disappears during a mission in the forest. Robin goes to the forest, looking for answers. She meets Wolf, an 'enfant sauvage', who seems to know more …

International sales:

Media Luna New Films


Glenn-Scott Peij - Wolf

Mona Lahousse - Robin

Wouter Hendrickx - Patrick Waterman

Wim Helsen - Koning Ferdinand

Matteo Simoni - Duvall

Frank Focketyn - Kowalski

Warre Borgmans - Koning Alexander

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