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Feature film  Drama  Albanian  Directed by Bujar Alimani

Albania 1958: A boy and girl grow up together in the same village. They are the best of friends. LUANA is the daughter of a well respected man, AGIM the son of traitors who were banned from the city by the communists. Despite these adverse circumstances, the two maintain their friendship over 10 years. As a young woman Luana experiences more and more to be a woman is a curse and takes unusal actions end her situation as a victim and gain power to decide for herself.



Nik Xhelilaj - Flamur

Alban Ukaj - Luk Fiku

Kasem Hoxha - Ismail

Astrit Kabashi - Sulo

Rina Krasniqi - Luana

Gresa Pallaska - Bora

Jonida Vokshi - Lule

Shkurte Sylejmani - Luana

Mimoza Azemi - Lule

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