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1h15  Movie  Drama  Dutch   Written & directed by 
Dominique Willaert

Summer 2015. Couples, families and groups of friends spend their vacation at camping 'De Lombarde'. We witness how people with very different backgrounds and beliefs manage to live together in a hopeful way. Somer is an authentic feelgood movie: life is not shown as it is, but challenges us to dream about how it could be.


Kamal Amiri - Younus

Sammy Bellabas - Karim

Marielou Billet - Mona

Souad Boukhatem - Nora

Aziz Boukhzar - Salaheddine

Mieke Bruggeman - Nathalie

Miep Buggenhout - Martine

Clio Carels - Emma

Sidi Diarra - Demba

Hilair Francisco - Kevin

Steven Fuller - Patrick

Nabil Haizoune - Zahir

Tourad Kane - Pau

Bibiche Kilula - Jenny

Natalie Lodens - Anna

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