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1h32  Movie  Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi  English  | 
Written & directed by Timo Vuorensola 

Following the devastating aftermath of a nuclear war on Earth, a former Nazi moon base has become the last refuge for mankind. Limited supplies and overpopulation threaten the survivors until Obi, the leader’s daughter, finds a map leading to a power buried deep under Earth’s wasted surface that could save mankind or destroy it once and for all. When an old enemy leads the heroes on an adventure into the Hollow Earth, they must fight an ancient shape-shifting reptilian race to save humanity.

International sales:

Myriad Pictures


Lara Rossi – Obianaju ‘Obi’ Washington
Vladimir Burlakov – Sasha
Kit Dale – Malcom
Julia Dietze – Renate Richter
Udo Kier – Vril Wolfgang Kortzfleisch

/ Vril Adolf Hitler

Stephanie Paul – Vril President
Tom Green – Donald

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