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15min  Short Film  |  Drama  Dutch  |  Written & directed by Jan Van Dyck

One evening, 38-year-old Frank returns to his quiet residential house where his family has organised a surprise birthday party. Everybody is present: his wife, two children, brother, sister-in-law, his father… even the babysitter. They toast, his favourite meal is served and a birthday cake is provided. But, amid the celebration, there are hints that things aren’t really what they seem to be…

International sales:

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Stijn Van Opstal - Frank

Joke De Bruyn - Lisa

Iris Van Cauwenberg - Katleen

Indra De Bruyn – Martje

Robbie Cleiren - Robert

François Beukelaers - Gérard

Kes Bakker - Sander

Adriana Bakker - Ina

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