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1h37  Movie  Adventure, Comedy, Family  German  |  Directed by Sven Unterwaldt 

Four sisters with magical powers, but only together they are strong enough to fight against Glenda, mistress of the black arts, who tries to separate the sisters and wants to take control over their home, Cantrip Towers, and it’s magical fountain.


Based on the succesful children’s book series "Sprite Sisters" by Sheridan Winn.

International sales:

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Laila Padotzke – Flame
Hedda Erlebach – Marina
Lilith Julie Johna – Flora
Leonore von Berg – Sky
Katja Riemann – Glenda
Justus von Dohnányi – Oswald
Anna Thalbach – Mrs. Duggery
Gregor Bloéb – Vater Colin
Doris Schretzmayer – Mutter Ottalie

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