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1h27  Movie  Horror  Dutch/English  |  Written & directed by Jonas Govaerts 

12-year-old Sam heads off to camp with his fellow cub scouts. He soon stumbles upon a mysterious tree house, home to a masked, feral-looking child. When Sam tries to warn the scoutmasters, they ignore him: after all, the boy often tells tall tales. Increasingly isolated, Sam is convinced a terrible fate awaits them and he is right: the feral child is assistant to the Poacher, an evil psychopath who is intent on slaughtering the scouts one by one.

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Maurice Luijten – Sam

Stef Aerts – Peter
Evelien Bosmans – Jasmijn
Titus De Voogdt – Chris
Jan Hammenecker – Stroper
Gill Eeckelaert – Kai

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