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12 x 8min  Webseries  Comedy  Dutch  |  
Created by Joke De Bruyn & Charlie Dewulf

During one of her wild nights, Bobbie hurts her foot. She will have to slow down for a while. After much resistance and with the help of her loyal girlfriends - her 'girl army'- she is forced to confront herself and her destructive (online) behaviour.


Joke De Bruyn - Bobbie

Lize Feryn - Isabella

Jennifer Heylen - Lou

Nathan Naenen - Lenny

Amara Reta - Catherine

Gene Bervoets - Dirk 

Tania Van der Sanden - Gerda

Lisa Eronini - Mira

Yemi Oduwale - Maarten

Mathijs Scheepers - Hans
Robbert Vervloet - Sanne

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