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2h5  Movie  Biography, Drama  English   Written & directed by Terence Davies

Film based on the life and work of the poet Emily Dickinson. She wrote a poem a day, but only a fraction of her output was published in her lifetime. She was extremely shy, but with a wry, lively sense of humour. Her friendships were intense but it was within the family that she found her greatest happiness. Her life was one of quiet dignity... The poetry magnificent: all the terror and beauty of the world distilled down to the quintessence of meaning and expression. She was quite simply one of the world's greatest poets.

International sales:

Double Dutch International


Cynthia Nixon – Emily Dickinson

Jennifer Ehle – Vinnie Dickinson

Keith Carradine – Father

Duncan Duff – Austin Dickinson

Benjamin Wainwright – Young Austin

Sara Vertongen – Miss Lyon

Joanna Bacon – Mother

Marieke Bresseleers – Jenny Lind

Annette Badland – Aunt Elizabeth

Catherine Bailey – Vryling Buffam

Jodhi May – Susan Gilbert

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