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She/her – They/them – He/him

At Potemkino we choose to use inclusive language.

Everyone should be able to pick the pronouns that they’re most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if it’s male, female or genderneutral. We want to make sure everyone feels included and avoid the notion that the use of pronouns is easy for everyone. 


If you want to learn more about gender identity, make sure to check out the website LGBT Life Center. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Antoine Courtstraat 28

1081 Koekelberg, Brussels

Potemkino Port

Fabriekstraat 38

2547 Lint, Brussels


Peter De Maegd

Founder & producer


Peter  built a solid track record as producer and entrepreneur with a strong focus on international and innovative projects. He has worked with top talent from Peter Greenaway and Ennio Morricone to Helena Bonham Carter, Udo Kier and Toni Servillo while also creating opportunities for new talents and producing first features of among others Jonas Govaerts (Cub) and Jonas Baeckeland (Cool Abdoul) in various formats: feature films, TV series, animation, VR and gaming.

Team - Peter.png

Lize Lefaible



Lize Lefaible is an EAVE Producers and Marketing Workshop graduate (2018), was part of the Cannes Producers Network (2019), is a member of the EWA Network and is a board member of WIFTM Belgium. She holds a Master’s degree in both Literary Studies and Literary Theory. Because of her background and love for storytelling, Lize plays a key role in discovering strong stories and supporting talents, resulting in a strong slate of features, series and innovative formats.

Team - Lize.png

Mélanie Van Houdt

Post Production Manager


Soon after graduating as a television journalist in 2015, Mélanie fell in love with the production and post production process of entertainment and tv shows. Since joining our team in January 2022, Mélanie focuses mainly on the post production of movies and series. Making events and schedules run smoothly is her focus and she likes to keep a clear overview of things to satisfy her never-ending curiosity.

Team - Charlie.png

Charlie Dewulf

Screenwriter, director & digital marketing producer


Next to a talented scriptwriter and director with whom we are working on various projects, Charlie also supports the communication of our company and projects as a digital marketing producer. As one of the few trans directors in Belgium, Charlie understands how important inclusion is and will always try to build a bridge between underrepresented groups and the media.

Michiel Careel

Communication & Marketing Manager


With a passion for cinema and television, Michiel wanted to implement his interests into his professional career. He joined the team after an internship that concluded his degree in communication management. As Communication & Marketing Manager, Michiel oversees the development and supervision of the marketing and communication strategies of Potemkino and its different projects.


Joosje Hendrikx

Assistant to the Producers


After finishing her studies as a film director at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Joosje quickly discovered her aptitude and affinity for producing in addition to writing and directing films. She was the line producer of several short films and the sole producer of Wildflowers - the Children of Never. Due to her background in writing and directing Joosje is an asset in the development of character-driven fiction and documentary.

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