55 Steps

55 Steps is the life affirming true story of an unexpected friendship forming during a fight for patient rights against seemingly impossible odds. When Eleanor Riese (Helena Bonham Carter) discovers that the medication she is being given at St. Mary’s Psychiatric Hospital in San Francisco is damaging her physically she hires patient’s rights lawyer Collete Hughes (Hilary Swank). With the help of expert attorney Mort Cohen (Jeffrey Tambor) the two try to defeat St. Mary’s in court while the indefatigable Eleanor and Collette become best of friends; a friendship where the colorful psychiatric patient Eleanor teaches the work-obsessed Collette a thing or two about life itself!

Feature Film written by Mark Bruce Rosin, directed by Bille August.

Production Countries: Germany (Elsani Film, producer & MMC Studios, co-producer), Belgium (Potemkino Port, co-producer).

Language: English

Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2017.